Wednesday, September 3, 2008


A strong majority of the Republican voters in LD 18 repudiated the attacks on Rep. (soon to be Sen.) Russell Pearce and gave Kevin Gibbons a sound trouncing in the Republican Primary yesterday. (Click here for official results)

In other election related news, it looks like our district will be represented in the House by Cecil Ash and Steve Court. A razor thin margin of 72 votes put Steve Court over Ron Middlebrook, and Kanani Henderson was far behind the pack with about half the numer of votes received by Court and Middlebrook. (Click here for official results)

This was a difficult race for Rep. Pearce and his family due to the despicable attacks on his character. The attacks were unwarranted, unfair, and undeserved by such a fine public servant. In spite of these attacks, Rep. Pearce stayed firm and is standing up for all of us in LD 18. On behalf of me and my family - Thank you Rep. Pearce. You are one of our heroes.


Blog Stalker said...

Looks like your district 18 was not swayed! good job!

Anonymous said...

Remember there are still ballots to be counted. The Race could still go to Ron Middlebrook.

ajwhet10 said...

I wish I had seen less mud-slinging on all sides! That just highlighted the grey areas of both attackers and attackees!! On the other hand, Pablo, I appreciate your positive words and outlook!