Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Off to a (not so roaring) Start

With Hurricane Gustav making landfall yesterday, the convention began on a much more muted tone than normal. We were gaveled to order a little after 2:30pm and began taking care of the statutory business of the convention - adopting the rules, selecting officers for the convention, appointing committees, and receiving/accepting reports. The most important matter of business was the adoption of the official Platform, which was done by a voice vote with no opposition (or at least none that I could detect - it all happened rather fast).

Throughout the meeting appeals were made to donate to several hurricane relief fund efforts and, in true Republican fashion, over $1.3million was donated within the first hour.

By far the most rousing and celebrated moments of the convention were the appearance of our First Lady, Laura Bush, and our future First Lady, Cindy McCain. Both ladies added "a touch of glamour" to the event and received thunderous applause and standing ovations. During their appearance additional appeals for funds were made, and video presentations were made from 4 of the five Gulf-State governors. A motion was made to adjourn and we left for our hotels after a very abbreviated first session.

The Arizona delegation along with delegations from California, Tennessee and other areas were treated to a great party by Medtronics at their world headquarters. An ice bar and several fantastic entertainers filled the evening. Along with several Medtronics officials, Gov. Pawlenty and Sen. Coleman both spoke to us about the challenges and opportunities we have as Republicans.

The real party will begin tonight as we get into full swing with high profile speakers and a much more celebratory atmosphere at the convention for session 2.
The response to the hurricane by the McCain Campaign has been admirable, focusing our attention on being Americans first and showing concern for the welfare of our fellow citizens above and beyond our politics. Sen. McCain and Gov. Palin have been touring the area, lending support and raising funds for relief.

Barrack Obama's response? He'll go when things have calmed down and he is offering his campaing email list to fundraisers.


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