Sunday, August 26, 2012

Adams and Jefferson Support...

Tuesday, August 289th is Primary Election Day here in Arizona.  The congressional and legislative district I live in has some of the hottest, most contentious races in the state, and I have thought long and hard about who to support.  Without further ado, my thoughts on who to vote for in Tuesday's primaries:

United States Senate - Jeff Flake
Since taking office in 2001, Jeff Flake has been consistently rated as one of Congress' most fiscally conservative members.  His steadfast opposition to earmarks resulted in the current Congressional ban on the practice.  He has a practical approach to the issues of our day and will serve us well in the US Senate.  
Learn more about Jeff on his website:

See the Senate Debate here:

United States Representative, CD 5 - Kirk Adams
In 2010 many of the "Old Guard" Republicans were replaced by a more conservative group of freshmen representatives.  In the past two years they have been holding Republican leadership's collective feet to the fire on the issues that matter most to conservatives.  This trend needs to continue to gain strength in this year's election, and Kirk Adams is the man for the job.  He has first-hand experience working with difficult budget issues and passing meaningful reforms in how the government does business.  He is a voice we need to have in Washington. 
For more information on Kirk's positions and accomplishments visit:

State Senator, LD 25 - Bob Worsley
Bob Worsley is a successful entrepreneur who knows what it takes to build a business from the ground up.  He understands the impact government rules and regulations have on the business climate of our state because he has dealt with them personally.  We NEED this perspective down at the State Capitol right now more than anything else.  Bob will represent us well in the State Senate.
More information about Bob can be found on his website:

County Supervisor, District 2 - Steve Chucri
Steve Chucri has excellent business credentials to take on the responsibility of working with the $billion+ budget of Maricopa County.  That alone qualifies him in my book, but in this race it really comes down to one issue for me:  The incessant cat fights between the supervisors and the sheriff  have cost the taxpayers of Maricopa County MILLIONS OF DOLLARS!  I am sick and tired of the horse-hockey going on down there and feel that, in this race, Steve Chucri is the individual most likely to stop the nonsense. 
For more information on Steve visit his campaign website at:

Precinct Committeemen - Valencia Groves:
If you live in the Valencia Groves Precinct please consider supporting the following individuals:

BIEHL, KENNETH J. "JOE"                                    
BROWN, BETTY J.                                            
BROWN, CHARLES A.                                          
BROWN, EMILY E.                                            
BUDGE, KALET B.                                            
ELLINGSON, JAY T.                                          
ELLSWORTH, PACE M.                                         
HANCOCK, PARKER D.                                         
KERNAGHAN, ANDREW                                          
KERNAGHAN, LISA                                            
KRUMMENACHER, GLENNA A.                                    
KRUMMENACHER, STEVE A.                                     
SCHROEDER, JOHN                                            
SCHROEDER, KELLIE                                          
SCOFIELD, BRIAN R.                                         
STAHLE, JAYNIE                                             
STAHLE, REX                                                
TAYLOR, EARL L., JR.                                       
TAYLOR, RUTH                                               
WALTON, FRANCES                                            
WALTON, GARY                                               
WHETTEN, E. PAUL*                                          

All Other Races
The above recommendations are all of the contested races in this year's primary elections.  The remainder are uncontested - but you should still vote for them.  I wholeheartedly support all of the remaining candidates with the exception of Joe Arpaio.  (See my thoughts on County Supervisor, District 2 for an explanation of one of my reasons)

* Full disclosure - this is me.
**Full disclosure - this is my lovely wife.