Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Convention - Day 2

We have a ton of events planned for pretty much every moment of the day, so making these posts is fairly difficult. My appologies for not keeping everybody as up-to-date as possibe.

Last night's session was the kind of rip roarin', crowd pleasin', foot stompin' type of event you would expect a convention to be. We paid tribute to Republican presidents of the past (Lincoln, Roosevelt, Ford, George H.W. Bush) and the men and women of our armed services. Perhaps the most moving moment of the night was when we watched a video on the sacrifices of one of our country's finest, U.S. Navy Seal Michael Monsoor - the fourth recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor from our current war in Iraq. Michael's sister was with us as well as five other MoH recipients and they were honored with a thunderous standing ovation.

First Lady Laura Bush spoke, highlighting the accomplishments of President Bush's administration over his 8 years in office, and then introducing him. President Bush spoke to us from the Whitehouse - emphasizing McCain's leadership abilities and his stand against legislation and policies that he does not agree with. He emphasized that McCain is the only candidate with the experience necessary to keep us safe during these difficult times, and that he is ready to be the President of the United States of America.

Service was the theme for the night, and the speeches all centered around ordinary Americans doing their best to serve their country, putting country first. Correlations between their actions and John McCain's lifetime of service to the country were drawn, culminating with our key speakers of the evening - Senator Fred Thompson and Senator Joseph Lieberman.

Senator Thompson's speech reviewed Sen. McCain's years as a prisoner of war and emphasized that being a POW does not qualify you for office, but it definitely reveals a lot about your character. He touched on the economic issues that are affecting our country right now and how the best way to help our country flourish is to get government out of the way. His speech was magnificent!

Sen Lieberman closed the evening explaining why he supports John McCain and making an appeal to his fellow Democrats and Independents to consider carefully their choice this election, and to choose someone with the experience and the character we need in the Whitehouse - John McCain.

More later - we have another meeting to run to.

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