Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Arizona Outlook

Despite the national beating Republicans took this year, the news in Arizona is actually pretty good. Yes, we lost two seats on the Corporation Commission and one of our Congressional Seats, but the bloodbath that was predicted for us did not occur at all. Consider this:

  • McCain won Arizona (I know, a fine lot of good this does us, but it is still comforting)
  • In spite of being outspent anywhere from 5/1 to 20/1 in the most cometitive legislative districts, the Republicans held onto and expanded their majority with two new seats in the House and 1 new seat in the Senate.
  • Congressman John Shaddegg held off a tough competitor, winning by a double-digit margin. (Congressmen Flake and Franks buried their opposition with an average of over 60% of the vote)
  • 15 of the legislative races won by Republicans were for open seats
  • The Republican candidates for Maricopa County offices won in commanding majorities.
There is other good news in all of this. With the replacement of moderate Republicans like Sen. Tom O'Halleran and Rep. Pete Hershberger we not only have a stronger majority, we have a more conservative one. (With any luck their defeat will also help keep remaining moderates, like Rep. Bill Konopnicki, in line with the conservative agenda.)

The icing on the cake for us this year would be for Governor Napolitano to accept a cabinet post in the Obama administration. (Man it hurts to say those last two words!) This would give us a Republican governor that would work with the legislature to get us out of the financial mess we are in as a state.

Moving forward I see three main items for Republicans to focus on for this next election cycle. Getting our budget crisis resolved, repairing the Republican brand, and finding a new standard bearer for our party that we can put in the Governor's office in 2010.

The party's over people, let's get back to work!


Anonymous said...

Arizona Republicans better move fast, because future Democrats are still pouring over the border.

The evidence is shown here:

Border Invasion Pics

Armed US Citizen said...

It definitely starts here in our towns and communities. We then set our states right and in the process vett the future leaders of the conservative party. Like Reagan said, "We do not need a third party, we need to have a more conservative second party!"

Darn tootin' It starts here, and it starts now!